Make The Change: EMIKO Beauty's Microfiber Hair Towel


If the first thing you reach for when you get out of the shower is a cotton towel, you may want to reconsider your after shower hair care routine. At some point in life we have all suffered from common hair woes, like frizz, dry hair, split ends, breakage, and of course waiting for soaking wet hair to dry which seems like it takes much longer than it should. Can all of these hair concerns be taken care of by just changing out your towel?

What you need to know about microfiber

Why have women been claiming the material is a lifesaver for frizzy, and unruly hair? Well, microfiber is much more absorbent than cotton, and it helps to prevent frizz and damage. Microfiber hair towels are designed to create less friction on the hair, and prevent raised cuticles; one of the leading causes of unruly frizz.

Stays firmly in place

How many times has your average cotton bath towel fallen off your head about a minute after putting it on? They always seem to be either too small, or too bulky. Well the struggle is over because microfiber is extremely lightweight, you simply lean forward, twist your hair into the towel and tuck under the ends. Dry your hair in half the time, plus your hands are free to brush your teeth, do a face mask, or get on with your daily makeup routine, without having to worry about it constantly falling off, or leaving you with cold water drips running down your back.

Reduce damage

Say it with me ladies, the number one rule for healthy hair is to reduce heat damage! By using a microfiber towel, the excess water in your hair will be absorbed far quicker, either making the blowdrying time much shorter or eliminating the need altogether. Plus the soft fibers are easy on wet hair, the time when strands are the most fragile. Having long hair doesn't have to be a burden, as long as you know the right way to take care of it and keep it looking healthy.

What hair type is it best for?

The short answer is, all! Whether your hair is super curly, stick straight, short, long or somewhere in the middle, anyone can benefit from changing over to microfiber. Girls with textured hair swear by microfiber to keep their curls hydrated and prevent them from having to spend more time under the blow drier or diffuser.

Bonus Tip:

Girls with curls, this one is for you. Before you twist your hair up in the hair towel, put your haircare products in first while hair is still dripping wet, then wrap it. This will allow the product to sink deep into the hair follicle and after your hair dries in the towel, give your locks a quick shake and scrunch and styling will be done.

The EMIKO Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel is available for purchase ($9.99) at 

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